35 Signs You’re a Dog Trainer Waiting to Happen

35 Signs You're a Dog Trainer Waiting to Happen

Lots of people love dogs, but not every person has what it takes to become a dog trainer. It’s sort of like how lots of people love Bruno Mars, but maybe shouldn’t pick up a microphone. Or they love the Great British Baking Show but couldn’t make a Baked Alaska if their lives depended on it.

Dog training demands a high level of dedication, people skills, dog skills, flexibility, stick-to-it-iveness, and a bucket load of other attributes. Here are 35 signs you might be destined for a successful dog obedience training career:

  1. You express your wishes in short imperative sentences. “Sit, stay Jim.”
  2. You carry candy in your pocket to treat your kids for making smart choices.
  3. You mark the good behavior of others with immediate praise. “Who’s a good boy? Atta girl!”
  4. You have more pictures of dogs than people.
  5. You watch 101 Dalmatians and wonder, “Why stop at 101?”
  6. You choose your clothes according to their ability to withstand dog paws.
  7. You spend more time browsing in PetSmart than Macy’s.
  8. Your fondest wish is to play in a ball pit full of puppies.
  9. When watching movies, you worry more about the fate of dogs than of people.
  10. You want to pet every dog ​​you see.
  11. In your eyes, a lush layer of dog hair on your clothing counts as accessorizing.
  12. You have extraordinary patience with your fellow humans.
  13. Double that for dogs.
  14. You have a positive attitude. Other people see hopeless; you envision a dog in a graduation cap.
  15. You can look at a problem from all angles to solve it creatively, even when it has you pinned to the ground licking your face.
  16. You only speak English but know how to say “sit” in 4 different languages
  17. You understand Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Lassie.
  18. You have the communication skills to explain #17 to someone who expects Ole Duke to be trained yesterday.
  19. You don’t mind being jumped on, run over, and pushed around–as long as it’s by a dog and not the dog’s owner.
  20. You are humble enough to seek the wisdom of others when your toolbox is exhausted.
  21. You have deep wells of tact. Sometimes you need kid gloves.
  22. You are so tuned to dogs’ body language it’s like you can read their minds.
  23. You have empathy for overwhelmed dog owners. The feels.
  24. You also have empathy for dogs. So many feels.
  25. You wish all owners would go through obedience training with their dogs so you didn’t have to feel so much.
  26. You want to help all the unruly doggos learn some manners…so you can pet them easier.
  27. You understand the beautiful, unshakeable bond that can exist between dog and owner.
  28. You know dogs can learn amazing things.
  29. You watch endless YouTube videos looking for cool tricks to teach your dog.
  30. Your dog can play the Shell Game and win every time. (Your significant other cannot.)
  31. You have a healthy dose of self-confidence. You could teach every dog to play the Shell Game!
  32. You dream of having a career that changes lives. For dogs’ lives.
  33. You recognize that every single dog has a unique personality. They’re like hairy snowflakes.
  34. You have a sense of humor and can laugh in the face of total, repeated failure. It’s way better than crying.
  35. You never met a dog you didn’t love.

For the right person, dog training is a career with a lot to offer. Will you pull down six figures? Maybe not. Will you spend your days engaged, surmounting challenges, and surrounded by dogs and people in need of a life-changing experience? Count on it. Becoming a dog trainer allows you to make a real difference.

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