4 Steps to Training Your Pup to Use Dog Bells to Go Potty

4 Steps to Training Your Pup to Use Dog Bells to Go Potty

Potty training dogs can be a very frustrating experience. Many owners are constantly looking for easy ways to get the job done. In this search, dog bells often come up as a possible solution to make the process much more effortless. So I’d like to dive into whether it’s a viable option, its benefits, and how to do it correctly. Let’s not waste more time and see if using dog bells is the right choice for your pup!

4 Steps to Training Your Pup to Use Dog Bells to Go Potty

Do Dog Bells Work for Potty Training Dogs?

Dog bells do work for potty training dogs when used correctly. Many people wear by them as making an incredible difference in the training process. It’s become one of the most accepted ways of getting your dog housebroken.

So you’re wondering how it works? The main goal is to teach your dog to ring a bell whenever they need a bathroom break. Once they do, this potty training technique makes your life much more accessible and convenient.

After all, it’s a creative way to reduce potty accidents and stop them from staring you down. I’ve even employed this technique with my Beagle, who hasn’t had any issues for years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of using my dog ​​bells.

Since you know these bells work, it’s wise to consider their pros and cons. It’ll provide a much clear idea about whether using them is suitable for your pup:

Benefits of Using Bells For Potty Training

The most apparent benefit of using dog bells is their convenience. These bells allow for a more effortless, straightforward handling of your dog’s bathroom needs. There’s no guessing or pouting from your dog.

Furthermore, dog bells improved communication between owners and their pups. It lets your dog tell you what they need via the bell rather than bugging you in other ways. You no longer have to endure staring or excessive barking when trained correctly.

As a result, these bells limit accidents and create much more efficient bathroom adventures. It also doesn’t hurt that this next level of communication creates a better bond. Weirdly, using these bells has made me feel closer to my dog.

Cons of Using Bells for Potty Training

Dog bell training has a few drawbacks many people need to consider. For instance, owners must be consistent with their training. You can’t let go of the rope when trying to help your dog understand how to use these dog bells.

Similarly, the placement of the bells is crucial for a successful experience. Your dog will not understand how to use them if it’s not an easily accessible area. So it requires a bit more strategic thinking than other training methods.

Another disadvantage is some dogs won’t use them correctly. In other words, they’ll just ring the bell because they know it makes you take them outside. It’s another reason that consistency with their training is vital to this technique.

Lastly, some owners tend to get overly lazy when utilizing bells. They only let their dogs out when the bell is rung rather than using it as a secondary tool. In fact, it’s supposed to work as a way of letting owners know when their dog’s having an emergency outside their routine.

But if a dog owner does use it as a secondary tool, these bells can be effective. I’ve come across many people who are over the moon by how well these tools work. Based on my experience alone, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Bell to Go Potty

At this point, it should’ve become clear whether using dog bells is worthwhile for you. So anyone who wants to use the technique should use this step-by-step guide. I’ll ensure this entire process becomes as effortless as humanly possible.

Step 1: Introduce the Bell to Your Dog

Dogs are notorious for the need to inspect anything new in their lives. So let’s lean into this instinct by allowing them to smell and explore your chosen dog bell. It’s an exercise to help them understand this device isn’t capable of harming them.

Once they’ve shown interest in the bell, it’s time to reward them. This process will make your dog recognize that interacting with it is good behavior. Again, you’re using positive reinforcement to build trust between them and this bell.

Step 2: Setup the Bell Near Your Door

The bell’s location is paramount to your dog’s success with this training process. Therefore, placing the bell near the door you use to take your dog outside is best. This location will make it much easier for your pup to grasp what you’re trying to teach.

Step 3: Start Using the Bell

Once it’s set up correctly, please ring the bell whenever you take them outside. Your dog will soon form an association between the bell and going out. Creating this connection is a necessity for them to grasp this training fully.

As a result, owners must be consistent with this step. It would be best if you rank the bell every time to ingrain the association in your furry friend’s head fully. It shouldn’t take too long before he understands what the bells mean.

Step 4: Praise Your Dog For Using the Bell

Most dogs will be perceptive and learn to use the bell by watching us. So keep ringing the bell each time you go outside until they pick it up. Eventually, they should start ringing the bell alone without your help.

Once it happens, use positive reinforcement to turn it into a learned behavior. It’s a simple matter of praising them every time they do it. Usually, I would say give them a treat when using positive reinforcement.

However, since this activity could happen multiple times daily, it’s not a good idea. You’re best off sticking with pets and a “good boy” or two.

4 Steps to Training Your Pup to Use Dog Bells to Go Potty

Our List of Recommended Dog Bells

Buying dog bells can be daunting with the number of available options. So I’d like to provide a list of my three favorite ones. These choices should give you a picture of what high-quality potty training dog bells offer and feature. FYI, this section includes affiliate links. If you buy anything through them, DogVills earns a small commission at no extra cost to you.

In Closing:

Potty training your dog with bells is a practical and convenient method. But it’s essential to remember not to rely entirely on these dog bells. Instead, these devices should be secondary tools to make your everyday routine more effective.

Meanwhile, please use our comment section if you have more questions. I’d also love to hear about your experiences using dog bells. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried potty training your pup using a dog bell? Share your thoughts below!

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