9 Unusual Animal Jobs You Haven’t Thought Of

9 Unusual Animal Jobs You Haven't Thought Of

I Wish I Could Work with Animals, But…

Do you absolutely love animals? Do you have a passion for helping them live better lives? Do you wish you could find a job working with animals but think you should listen to the nagging little voice in your head telling you to grow up and find a real career?

Why not heed the words of that wisest of all Chinese philosophers, Confucius, who advised:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Great point. Embrace your passion and explore what animal careers are out there.

Alright. What Animal Jobs Are Out There?

When thinking about animal jobs, most people come up with the same short list:

  • Veterinarian
  • Zookeeper
  • dolphin trainer

Yet when you actually begin digging, there are hundreds of jobs that put you in close contact with animals. Some require years and years of education; some require little more than a high school diploma and a dream to work with animals.

You can find a job training animals, rehabilitating wild animals or caring for animals. Other careers include; breeding animals, saving endangered species, exercising animals, advocating for animals, rescuing animals, and grooming animals. The list includes some pretty unusual careers.

9 Animal Careers You May Not Have Considered

  • Animal Colorists often work in the movie industry, but others satisfy the whims of people who might want to take pet grooming to the next level by having a purple poodle or a Yorkie with hair tinsel.
  • Reptile Breeders raise such species as turtles, snakes, and lizards. In the market for a Panther Chameleon or a Bearded Dragon? Your local reptile breeder can hook you up.

  • Animal Massage Therapists have a long history in the thoroughbred world but are making strong inroads in the pet industry. Dogs and cats need to de-stress, too.
  • Cat Trainers—don’t laugh. It’s a thing. Just don’t ask them to act like dogs. They hate that.
  • Animal Acupuncturists treat animals’ pain using Eastern medicine: by applying needles, which sounds like more pain but actually works. It’s a mystery.

  • Detection Dog Handlers train and work with canines capable of sniffing out all manner of danger, from bomb-making components to drugs. Who needs Spiderman when Rover’s on the job?

How About Something I Can Actually Do?

We get it. You want:

  • Something that puts you in daily contact with animals
  • Something that does not require a medical degree
  • Something you can do without years of training
  • Something more exotic than pet grooming but less lethal than snake milking

We have the perfect answer! Zookeeper Assistants care for all types of wild and exotic animals, educate the public, work in breeding programs, help endangered species, and provide enrichment for the animals in their care. It’s a great career for animal lovers! And you will be happy to know that you can get certified online in approximately 8 months.

I’m Going to Follow My Passion!

Excellent! Confucius would be proud. Refuse to yield to that nagging little voice in your head telling you to abandon your dreams. Find a career that lets you pursue your passion!

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