Adorable Dogs getting groomed by their favorite Blue Wheeler – part 2

Adorable Dogs getting groomed by their favorite Blue Wheeler – part 2


Um, I don’t Know…But I think I like baths now!

Kiss attack!!!

No Harvey.. Mr Crocodile can’t come for a wash as well!

“You’d better hide your shoes later when we get home.”

Being this cute all day is exhausting work…

“I trusted you, Mummy…if that’s even your real name

I was trying to escape, but I fell asleep.

Okay, so I’m going to take some extra treats for my troubles.

Om…. Channeling my inner Zen.

Stop.. Can we please talk about this first?

Can you go get my rubber ducky?

How to help your dog learn to enjoy baths.

Do you have a doggo, who always puts his/her paws out in protest during bath times? If you answered yes, then read on.

  • Begin when they are young

If you are a new puppy parent make sure you get your puppy used to be touched, paws, ears etc. Help them learn to enjoy the process. Introduce them to their groomer when they are young.

Take your dog for a nice long walk around the block before your groomer visits. This will give them enough time to burn any excess energy and even relieve themselves before the appointment. “A tired dog is a happy dog”.

Sometimes doing your own washing/grooming at home seems to be a good way to cut out some of your “extra” expenses. However, it may well be false economy. You just might be doing more harm than good by not leaving it to the professionals. If your dog has one too many negative bath related experiences, there will be a day that you will have to get the whole neighborhood to help you drag your pup into the bath. There’s also the possibility of injury by trying to clip your dogs’ coat on your own. All our Blue Wheeler Groomers are highly skilled and experienced.

Our dog groomers (often called dog whisperers) are trained to handle situations like this. More importantly, we come to you. This is great for anxious dogs because they are not taken away from their familiar surroundings or around other barking dogs in a typical salon.

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