Animal Behavior College Is Going Green in 2023

Animal Behavior College Is Going Green in 2023

Starting in January of 2023, ABC will increase their efforts to help save & preserve the environment!

Valencia, CA— Friday, December 30, 2022 Today, on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter pages, Animal Behavior College (ABC) officially announced the launch of their increased efforts to help the environment by going “Green” in 2023.

No stranger to the modern digital educational model, Animal Behavior College was one of the first colleges to take their courses online over 25 years ago. Understanding that we only have one planet for both us and our four-legged friends, ABC has now taken steps to reduce their footprint and walk into the current century as a completely environmentally friendly digital company. This means that they will no longer contribute to the act of killing trees and therefore will stop printing large amounts of paper materials and books, including ALL curriculum. With this printing cessation, all curriculum and educational products provided to ABC’s students will now be digital only versus hard copy printed materials.

According to the 2018 State of the Global Paper Industry report from the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), paper usage continues to increase and has quadrupled in the last 50 years with the US alone having an increase of over 126% in the last 20 years. An article written by Craig Ruak on the Business Finance Corporation website mentions it is estimated that a 45-foot pine tree, with a diameter of eight inches, will produce approximately 10,000 sheets of paper. A typical ream of printer paper is 500 sheets; therefore, one ream of paper equals 5% of one tree. With their announced 2023 operational changes, ABC and its students will be cutting their paper use by almost a million copies and saving a minimum of at least 100 trees a year! That’s a significant number of trees and minimization of their footprint.

100 saved trees a year is more than just a beautiful aesthetic to look at. Reducing paper use, especially on a large scale, helps the environment in multiple big picture ways including reducing deforestation. 14% of deforestation, which is the removal of trees from land in order to use the land for other purposes, is done purely to satisfy the demand for paper goods and supplies. Reducing paper also saves water, which is used to produce (and also recycle) paper goods. Finally, reducing paper use also reduces pollution since actual paper production is done in factories which often emit dangerous chemicals into our water, air, and land.

ABC is ecstatic to make these operational changes in the interest of the environment and those that inhabit it, both wildlife and humans. Steve Appelbaum, Founder and President of Animal Behavior College stated, “We are thrilled about going green. Animal Behavior College was printing over a million pages worth of material every year. Think of the paper, ink and other resources! Now we can offer the same great material while reducing our footprint. This is a win for our students, for the school and for the environment we all live in and love.”

With ABC going green in 2023, all the curricula, books and study materials will be made available through a digital copy to all students instead of wasteful printed paper copies. For those students who prefer the pen to paper approach to learning, they can download a digital copy for printing on their own if they choose. However, ABC urges students, both current and future, to think about the long-term benefits of paper use reduction for our environment.

Animal Behavior College looks forward to this simple change starting in 2023 that will have monumental effects in the long term for years to come. For more information on Animal Behavior College, check out their site at

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