CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety: Does it Work?

Nervous pit bull puppy on a leash

Many pet owners have begun to wonder if getting CBD oil for dogs with anxiety works. It makes sense logically, given the wonders it does for humans. So, I thought it was time to outline everything about CBD oil and dog anxiety in a simplified guide. Read on, and you’ll soon know whether getting some would benefit your dog’s condition.

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What is CBD Oil?

The first thing to know about CBD-oil is its compound in hemp and cannabis. But dog owners shouldn’t associate CBD oil with the psychoactive effects provided by cannabis. It’s a mistake most people make when talking about this subject.

For instance, CBD oil doesn’t contain the compound THC that’s associated with those effects. So you aren’t getting your dog “high” by giving them CBD oil or treats. In fact, most of these products come from hemp rather than cannabis.

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What’s Causing Your Dog’s Anxiety?

Since we’ve outlined the basics of CBD oil, it’s time to look at your dog’s anxiety. First, it’s necessary to determine what’s behind the condition before addressing it with CBD. Then, it provides more context to ensure you have a solid handle on your dog’s situation.

In other words, it’ll help you understand when it’s time to give them CBD oil or treats. You certainly don’t want to overuse CBD products for several reasons. So without further ado, here are the common reasons behind a dog’s anxiety:

Pinpointing when anxiety occurs in these situations is a whole other task. But most dogs will exhibit several common symptoms associated with anxiety. If your dog starts to experience any of these indicators, please get in touch with a vet:

  • loss of appetite
  • Tail between their legs
  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Following you around the house
  • Relieving themselves on the floor
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Drooling
  • Excessive licking of their lips
  • Whimpering

The vet should provide a course of action to confront your dog’s anxiety. These professionals often recommend CBD oil products to help with their condition.

Speaking of your vet, before we continue I’d like to remind you that this information is NOT meant to replace your vet’s recommendations, nor should you consider it medical advice.

Anxious dog with a worried look on his face.

How Does CBD Oil Help Dogs with Anxiety

CBD oil is most often associated with treating anxiety in humans and dogs. Based on multiple studies on its effects, it seems to do wonders for helping with nervousness and aggression. So it becomes valuable when trying to help dogs in unfamiliar and stressful situations.

For example, my dog’s terrified of thunderstorms and heavy rain. But half of a CBD treat is excellent at calming him just enough to where he isn’t frightened. As a result, he manages to get through the storms without being overly traumatized or appearing distraught.

These experiences show how CBD oil could help a dog with anxiety issues. It even helps with my Pitbull’s separation anxiety when she’s left alone. In fact, I no longer come home and find my apartment’s couch torn apart or her crate door ripped open.

I should also mention CBD oil isn’t only effective at dealing with anxiety immediately. While I can’t legally guarantee that it will always work for your dog, in my experience I can absolutely rely on it to provide excellent results for hours when administered correctly. CBD oil’s effects will offer 4 to 8 of relief per dose, perfect for covering most tense situations.

Meanwhile, giving CBD oil to a dog is much easier than other alternatives. Users have several delivery options, such as a dog treat or a measuring dropper. Most people find CBD treats preferable when given to their canines.

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Nervous pit bull puppy on a leash

Other Conditions Where CBD Oil Can Help Dogs

CBD is gaining popularity as a natural supplement for our four-legged friends, and many pet owners are turning to it as a way to help their dogs manage a range of conditions and symptoms.

As I mentioned earlier, CBD oil doesn’t only benefit dogs with anxiety. It’s shown to be a beneficial compound for various canine health issues. Let’s delve into five benefits of CBD for dogs that you may not have known about.

  1. Bread management: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce pain and discomfort in dogs. It may be especially helpful for dogs with chronic pain or those recovering from surgery or injury.
  2. Anxiety and stress relief: CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on dogs, making it a potential option for those with anxiety or stress-related issues. It may also help to reduce separation anxiety in dogs left alone for long periods of time.
  3. Improved sleep: As with humans, CBD may help to improve sleep in dogs by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. This can be especially helpful for older dogs or those with conditions that disrupt their sleep patterns.
  4. Heart health: Some research suggests that CBD may have potential heart-protective effects in dogs. It may help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  5. Cancer-fighting properties: While more research is needed, some studies have suggested that CBD may have potential anti-tumor effects and may help to slow the growth of cancer cells in dogs.

It’s important to note that CBD is not a replacement for traditional veterinary care, and you should always consult with a veterinarian before giving your dog any new supplement. Additionally, be sure to choose high-quality, reputable CBD products specifically formulated for pets.

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Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs

The side effects of dogs ingesting CBD oil haven’t been thoroughly studied. But based on anecdotal evidence, the issues are minimal when following the correct dosage. In any case, we can assume any potential side effects are similar to what humans experience.

Dry Mouth

One of the most common side effects of CBD oil is dry mouth. If you aren’t familiar with this phrase, it’s also called cottonmouth in some circles. It refers to the fact that “CBD products inhibit the secretion of saliva.”

But the main point is this condition will cause your dog to have increased thirst. However, in most cases it’s not anything serious to worry about if your dog is healthy overall. You probably won’t even notice until your dog’s water bowl needs refilling more frequently.

Lowered Blood Pressure

CBD oil is known for lowering blood pressure when administered in high doses. Luckily, the drop isn’t significant enough to cause severe symptoms. So your dog will have a short feeling of light-headedness rather than anything too intense. However, if your pup already has hypotension it could be a dangerous side effect.


Higher doses of CBD can also make users slightly drowsier than usual. Honestly, it seems like an ideal trade-off to being overly anxious from a thunderstorm or being left alone. But any dog ​​owner considering CBD must know all its potential side effects.

Typical Dosage of CBD Oil for Dogs

Most people seem to agree that the correct dosage for pets is 1-5 mg every 10 pounds. So if your dog weighs 20 pounds, you’ll provide them with 2 to 10 mg of CBD oil. But it’s essential to note that products will have varying potencies.

As a result, users must read its packaging carefully before giving their dog CBD. It’s the only way to ensure you provide the proper dosage. I’d also strongly advise talking with your vet before feeding your dog any CBD product.

The vet will help determine whether it’s a suitable option for the dog. Meanwhile, they can point you toward certain CBD oils with stellar reputations and made of better quality.

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CBD oil for dogs

In Closing

CBD oil has shown an ability to help dogs with anxiety. It should work wonders for any dog ​​stressed by a loud noise, loneliness, or other pets. In these situations, CBD oil has become a widely used and helpful product for many dog ​​owners.

I certainly haven’t had anything but positive experiences with CBD oil. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine not using it for both of my dogs’ respective anxieties. Hopefully, your experiences end up being similar to mine.

But if you have more questions or concerns about CBD oil, please post them in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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Have you tried CBD oil to help relieve your dog’s anxiety? Share your experiences below!

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