Dog Grooming Tips | How to Bathe your Dog Like a Groomer

how to bathe your dog like a groomer

Are you looking for Dog grooming tips? Then you clicked at the right site! Here you will get tips about how to bathe your dog like a groomer. Almost most of the dogs are very aggressive that’s why their grooming is very important. They need proper grooming in order to obey their owner. As told above most of the dogs are aggressive in nature, there is a special dog breed Rottweiler who even lost their sense of humor in aggression. During this they become mad even can bite their owner.

Dogs need proper grooming and you can do it like a groomer it’s simple and easy. Just you have to properly pay attention to your dog’s training. Training is necessary for your dog’s behavior. Most of the groomers and trainers explained practically to dogs how to keep cool, be friendly, and aggression free with the greed of chocolate or candy daily.

Bathing your dog has an important role in keeping their good health, protecting them from skin problems, and keeping them clean of dirt.

The only difference is that groomers have professional products and bit experience that how to bathe dogs. Otherwise, as a pet owner, you can also buy these professional products like shampoos, shower sprayers, and dryers.

Four easy steps on how to bathe your dog like a groomer

Step 1 | smooth shower

Treat your puppy as you are taking bath for yourself! Make sure water should be not too hot not too cold. Treat them like little babies with soft and gentle hands as groomers do. First of all, give them a smooth shower with the help of shower sprayers and make sure their fur completely becomes wet. Shower your dog in a dog tub/bathtub.

Step 2 | Bathing

Now apply professional best shampoos for dogs in order to remove dust and parasites from the skin. Make sure to apply shampoo gently on every main part of the body like on fur, ears, and paws. In order to clean eyes and ears use cotton balls and cotton swabs. Use these cotton swabs soaked in water to remove germs and bacteria from your dog’s ears and use cotton balls soaked in water to clean their eyes because these outer organs attract most of the bacteria and germs. Also, take care of their teeth and mouth. Use doggy teeth brush for this.

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Step 3 | washing

After applying all the professional products now wash your dog with the help of shower sprayers. Water should be not so hot and not so cold. Rinse water completely all over the body and scrub with your hand gently in order to remove shampoo. Use a washcloth to wipe off the shampoo from the face and body. Many groomers use anti-bacterial products to kill remaining germs and for a fragrance that can be available here.

Step 4 | Dry

At last, dry out your dog with the help of a dryer which you can easily buy from stores. Make sure not to blow with too cold or too warm air keep speed of dryer to medium. After this, apply doggy perfume on your dog which gives you feel like a groomer.

Points to be considered

  • Always treat your dogs with gentle hands as you are bathing your baby.
  • Worn quality shampoos for dogs.
  • Water should be not so cold and not so hot.
  • Take care not to set dryer temperature on too hot otherwise that will be dangerous for your puppies’ skin.
  • Use Anti-bite mouth mask for the protection of your dog for not being able to eat any of the products like shampoo, soap, etc.


Hope so as a pet owner, after reading all the above passages, you came to know that there isn’t much difference in how we bathe dogs at home and how professional groomers do so. The big difference is that the professionals have qualified degrees and also have much different quality and tested products which they use for their clients with great services. But not to worry, this all stuff can be easily done at home without any professional experience and training. By just having a couple of products you can easily do the same what you want from a professional groomer.

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