From Pampering People to Pampering Pups

From Pampering People to Pampering Pups

A quote from long-term educator Sister Mary Lauretta states, “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.” Apart from life is figuring out what our purpose is and what we are passionate about. Along the journey to that discovery comes many experiences and often disappointments. For some, the end goal may be very clear in their mind, but sometimes once they pursue that dream, they are left feeling uninspired. Some even end up realizing that their lifelong aspiration is not the dream job they’ve been waiting for. This was the case for Anna Mastorgio early in her journey, before becoming a graduate of Animal Behavior College.

Anna thought her life calling was cosmetology, so she pursued the career by going to school to become a cosmetologist. After completing her education in this field, she quickly realized that she was still dissatisfied. Her passion was not fulfilled, and she knew there was something else out there for her. But what? As the child of parents who had a major love for animals, Anna grew up in a home with different types of animals ranging from domestic to exotic. Observing her parents’ display of compassion towards animals helped spark her adoration for animals. Her dad, who was a pillar of support for Anna, encouraged her to get a job as a dog bather so she could work one on one with animals. This started it all as Anna fell in love with the environment of working with dogs.

Unfortunately, Anna lost her father recently and she wanted to do something that gave her a sense of purpose and most importantly make her dad proud. This new position as a bather led to the newfound discovery of pet grooming which combined both of her favorite worlds – art and animals. Newly inspired, Anna began her research on how to gain the education she would need to become a certified groomer. After spending a very long time researching and comparing her educational options, Anna decided to move forward with Animal Behavior College’s Dog Grooming Program due to all it had to offer.

From ABC’s Dog Grooming Program, Anna had several takeaways that have helped her on her path to success. One of these valued lessons was learning how to interact with the animals including how to read animal body language and tone. These are very important for a groomer to be able to identify, for the safety of both the animals and the groomer. Anna felt that the externship was very helpful in getting more practice and giving a realistic understanding of the field including both the pros and cons that come with any industry. “When I saw the pros and cons of the grooming world for what it really was, I realized that integrity and safety and are so important. As a groomer it’s important to be patient, you’re going to see that being patient will get allow you to get more done with the dog than rushing through it,” stated Anna. Anna felt very prepared for the externship and didn’t feel intimidated through the process, which is what ABC hopes for all their students.

Anna shared, “There is always something new to learn in grooming and not every dog ​​is going to let you do what you want to do, so get over the perfectionism.” She has come to learn that forming a relationship with the animal and ensuring that they are comfortable is crucial to the process of grooming. It is not always just about the cut. Patience is the key to successful grooming. Anna has gained confidence through her certification and feels that it is important to share her knowledge with those that show interest in becoming a groomer. When asked what she would say to someone considering attending ABC for grooming certification, she responded, “I would definitely say to totally go for it if you are artistic and love animals! I love that ABC is at your own pace and it didn’t interfere with my life. And when you feel like it’s at its hardest and you are the most scared, put all of your effort in at that moment.”

Now that Anna has completed the course, she wants to continue her learning and gain experience. She has already received recognition and the opportunity to work with a Master Groomer because of the ABC Dog Grooming Certification. Anna has received offers from salons in her hometown and is looking forward to building her grooming portfolio along with doing salon tours. Anna was surprised to come out of the program with several people reaching out to her versus being limited to just one salon location. She is excited to go to grooming competitions and has even considered starting a mobile grooming business. “I think having the (ABC Pet Groomer) certification will help in setting up my business. It’s nice to have the proof that you have had training and clients are more inclined to have a certified groomer,” stated Anna. Animal Behavior College is proud of their graduate and looks forward to seeing where Anna’s journey takes her.

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