How To Pay For Dog Grooming or Dog Training School

How To Pay For Dog Grooming or Dog Training School

Tuition Sticker Shock Keeping You Up at Night?

High price tags for education can leave you at a loss. Whether it’s worrying about taking out an enormous student loan (and it’s accompanying debt) for a traditional college degree, wondering how to juggle work and classes in order to avoid said debt, or figuring out how to pay for a certification program like a dog grooming school or a dog training program, money woes can definitely keep would-be students up at night.

While an expensive four-year degree may be unrealistic, increasing numbers of savvy students are turning to online schools to prepare for new careers. Career training online allows you to get certified in an emerging technology in your field or to reinvent yourself with a completely brand new career without interrupting your life or “breaking the bank”.

But Is Dog Grooming or Dog Training Certification Worth It?

Offering flexibility and affordability combined with brevity–instead of years, certification programs can take a fraction of the time and distance learning options provide career-advancing opportunities. LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, has suggested that completing a certification program (like dog training or pet grooming) can give you an advantage over other potential job candidates.

Doing what you can to make yourself more attractive to future employers is definitely a plus! Another more? The feeling that you truly know (and love) what you’re doing. Certification matters!

But There’s Still That Price Tag…

No matter how affordable they might be in comparison to traditional degree programs, certification programs for careers like dog grooming or dog training can still cost thousands of dollars. So how can you afford an online school?

The ultimate goal should be getting your certification without going into debt, if at all possible. Once you have done your homework and narrowed down a list of schools, the next task should be to evaluate institutions according to their financial advantages. Find out if a school offers:

  • A reasonable payment plan
  • A discount for paying in full up front
  • A zero down/zero credit check policy to qualifying applicants
  • Scholarships of any type

What financial aid schools provide can vary. Some schools offer generous scholarships on the basis of need or full scholarships for military veterans and their spouses. Often schools allow you to pay tuition in installments instead of one lump sum up front. The cost of each installment payment depends on how much you pay up front and how many payments you make. Some schools, such as Animal Behavior College, partner with a third-party loan administrator like Tuition Options to help students stay on track and keep up with their payments.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to pay the entire cost up front, you may receive a significant discount. Even if you can pay nothing up front, however, do not let that stop you from enrolling–there are options for anyone wanting to become a student!

But What If I Have to Take Out a Loan?

Should you need to borrow money to go to school, there are smart ways to go about it. The best plan is to try to get a private student loan. Be aware that not all private lenders will fund students attending non-degree granting institutions, but some will.

Private student loans provide the best solution because they usually let you defer payments while you are attending school. In addition, many student loans come with a six month grace period after you complete your education. This gives you a chance to find employment and get your financial feet under you.

No More “Goal’s”

If you want to become a student, do not use finances as an excuse to avoid enrolling. True, most people can’t pay for school out of pocket, but there are so many options available. So don’t stay up at night wondering how to pay for dog grooming or dog training school. The better question might be what could be more valuable for the long game than a dream career in the animal industry?

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