How To Potty Train A Dumb Puppy

How To Potty Train A Dumb Puppy

Let me begin by noting that How To Potty Train A Dumb Puppy does not have to be a stressful or difficult procedure. There is a lot written and spoken about the almost infinite number of various house training ideas, methods, and strategies. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s some sort of supernatural, miraculous top-secret formula.

In reality, there is no secret to housebreaking your puppy. Dog potty training is simply the process of teaching your puppy where and when it is proper to use the toilet. It doesn’t get much easier or more difficult than that.

Remember that you can’t expect your small puppy to instantly know where to go to the potty consider your toilet habits as a youngster. The puppy toilet training strategy outlined below works – and it works effectively.

I’ve successfully housebroken Shih-Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Beagles, and Chihuahuas using it. All you have to do with this approach is strictly follow the procedures, be consistent, and have some patience. Your efforts will be tenfold rewarded.

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General Rules For How To Potty Train A Dumb Puppy

  • Begin your dog house training routine as soon as possible. As with other dog training jobs, it is far better to build excellent behavior patterns from the beginning than to try to repair or remedy established undesirable behaviors.
  • Be extremely committed and diligent in having your puppy correctly house trained the first time. The effects will remain in perpetuity. The alternative is a long, stinky, filthy, and irritating process for both you and your young dog.
  • Your puppy will not be allowed unsupervised access to the house until he or she is completely toilet trained. Even yet, the occasional error is unavoidable.
  • Use your puppy’s instincts. If given the option, your puppy will do everything possible to avoid soiling its sleeping and dining places; take advantage of this.
  • Throughout the toilet training process, you should joyfully promote and reward acceptable conduct (pooping or peeing in the correct spot) while discouraging bad behavior.

Puppy Potty Training Step-by-Step

Take your time going through these stages. Some pups learn fast and complete the toilet training process in a matter of days, while others might take several weeks. Your dog will lead the way.

1. Select an appropriate puppy toilet training space in your home. It might be a fenced-in area or a tiny space like a restroom or laundry. A tiled or vinyl-floored space is preferable.

2. Cover the whole floor surface of the toilet area with newspaper or butcher paper (a few layers). There is no need to place paper beneath your puppy’s bed and food bowls if you have them up one end of the pen/room, but the rest of the area should be covered.

3. If your puppy pees or poops on the paper, first encourage it if you are there, and then remove the soiled pieces of paper. Replace with clean sheets, but place one of the slightly soiled old sheets on top of the new paper. Place an old sheet on the area where you want your dog to relieve himself.

4. After a while, your puppy will become accustomed to going to the potty on the paper surface and will choose to do so every time. Your puppy will almost certainly create a preferred location to eliminate (hopefully where you placed the slightly soiled paper). This is generally at the tip. furthest away from the dog’s bedding and food bowl.

5. Remove part of the paper from the toilet area; this will reduce the amount of floor surface covered by the paper. Begin by removing a few pieces of paper from a location in the pen/room where your dog does not regularly go to the potty. Your puppy’s toilet training room or pen will now have a bed, a feeding dish, a paper-covered space, and a tiny area that is not covered in paper. Hopefully, your dog will continue to eliminate the paper-covered area; if not, go back a step and cover the entire area.

6. If you intend to eventually educate your puppy to use the potty outdoors, gradually move the piece of paper closer to the door and then outside. The paper will be followed by your dog.

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