In-Person Dog Training School Changes Lives

In-Person Dog Training School Changes Lives

The Start of an All-Around Great Career

To launch a life-changing career takes bold action. If you are a dog lover, take a few moments to consider attending an in-person dog training school. For starters, by becoming a dog trainer, yours is not the only life that will be changed. Sure, you will have a great career and make a good living, but beyond that your expertise will make a world of difference to every owner you work with and every single dog you train.

Change Your Life Forever

If you have a passion for dogs, why not put it to good use? You need a career; millions and millions of dogs out there need training. Some need to learn obedience and others have behavioral challenges that pet parents need assistance solving. The bottom line that can’t be stressed strongly enough: dogs need training. Every dog. Every. Dog.

Animal lovers who dedicate their careers making a tangible difference in the lives of dogs, change their own lives as well. Why not make the world a better place by helping pets and the people who love them?

Save Dogs’ Lives!

You know those social media posts featuring sad-eyed shelter dogs waiting for their owners to come back?

Seeing them abandoned breaks your heart and makes you want to adopt them all and then makes you even sadder because you can’t. Dog trainers understand this which is why so many of them work with shelters to assist dogs there in finding their forever homes. Not only can dog trainers help increase adoption rates, but effective dog trainers can also assist in preventing some dogs from winding up in the shelter in the first place. That’s because nearly half of the dogs surrendered to shelters for re-homing are there because of behavior problems—problems that could have been corrected with proper dog training.

What happens to untrained dogs? That depends on what challenges manifest themselves. At best, untrained dogs are more difficult for their pet parents to handle, less safe and less likely to be fully integrated as a member of the family. At worst, untrained dogs can be abused and/or rehomed and find themselves in shelters. Thus, through no fault of their own, these beautiful creatures with an innate affinity for human companionship find themselves alone in a cage. Even worse, after languishing in an unadoptable shelter, over half a million dogs are euthanized annually.

Dog trainers have the power to save animals from that fate. Shelter dogs that undergo training through programs like Animal Behavior College’s “Students Saving Lives” become imminently more adoptable. By teaching them basic commands also known as cues, trainers help dogs curb their unruly behavior and understand what humans expect of them. With proper training, most dogs can become model canine citizens.

With pet ownership skyrocketing, the need for dog trainers continues to trend upwards. Enrolling in an on-campus training program makes great sense if you want to earn an excellent living in a career that’s always going to be in high demand. There are even dog obedience trainer programs that are GI Bill approved.

Why Take An In-Person Dog Training Program?

There are actually three types of dog trainer programs that schools can offer.

The first is an online course. The challenge with this type of program is that you can’t become a dog trainer just by reading about it or watching videos.

The second is an online course with some hands-on experience. We will call this a hybrid course. Hybrids are much better than just online programs as they offer some experience. The challenge is that not everyone is a self-starter or has the discipline to excel in a home study program. There is also the issue of time. Complete dog trainer programs, that is courses that teach students to be practicing professional dog trainers can typically take 12-16 months to complete.

The third is an in-person course. These programs include the greatest amount of hands-on training. For a physical vocation like dog training, learning to train under the eyes of an experienced trainer in an immersive training environment is a fabulous option. Because in person programs can be intensive, they can be completed more quickly than hybrid courses. Like all choices this isn’t for everyone. People who want to study from home and who can’t travel to the school should consider the hybrid option. Cost is also a factor. In person programs are more expensive than Hybrid programs.

We suggest either the hybrid or in person options be selected based on your specific needs and goals.

An in-person program gives students an immersive dog training experience. An in-person program ensures you a lot of one-on-one practice with dogs in an intimate classroom setting or at a local rescue. You’ll learn everything you need to know to succeed in your new career. In just 5 months, you can become a certified professional dog trainer.

Save Human Sanity and help strengthen the human/canine bond!

We touched on this earlier but it’s worth repeating. Untrained dogs can make their pet parents live a pandemonium. Who hasn’t known a friend or a family member struggling with an unruly dog? Or seen someone out in public being dragged along in the wake of an enthusiastic pet? Or been jumped on in greeting by someone’s friendly dog? Or worse, been threatened by a territorial animal?

While the dogs in these scenarios might be having a grand time, their humans are not. Additionally, the frustrating fact is many of these scenarios are avoidable with the help of a dog obedience trainer.

Dog owners can save their sanity by committing to train their dogs. As a dog trainer, you work alongside owners and teach them as you teach their dogs. Training takes consistency, patience, and perseverance—traits that often are not natural to dogs or humans—but the results are so worth the effort!

Be a kind of Super Hero or at least develop dog training super powers.

You might not be able to scale a building or release energy blasts, but honestly, how often do you need to? No, as a dog trainer you will be a real superhero to both dogs and their owners. Not only can help both enjoy better relationships with each other, and help until numbers of dogs find forever homes or assisting other dogs in avoiding shelters in the first place, but through your skills or should we say, super training powers, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of dogs in a surprisingly short period of time.

So all you animal loving potential super heroes, if you want to take your passion to the next level consider becoming a professional dog trainer.

For those who want the most immersive 24/7 dog experience, an in-person dog training school can transform you into a life changer!

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