Pet Career Opportunities with Petco

Pet Career Opportunities with Petco

Petco offers a wide variety of services for our pet parents; from grooming to dog training and many different Veterinarian options, inclusive of Vetco clinics and Vet Hospitals.

With all the different service options we can offer our pet parents to provide everything they need for the health and wellness of their fur babies it allows Petco to provide many employment opportunities for ABC graduates.

Grooming Positions available to ABC Grooming Instructor Program Graduates:

  • Pet Stylist– This position is available to experienced external candidates. All experienced candidates must complete a 3-breed technical test with a tenured stylist in order to remain in role, which offers a compensation plan that helps drive individual performance and rewards with a robust incentive program. Pet Stylists earn competitive wages plus incentive, along with excellent benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision and Paid Time off for all full-time partners.

Career Advancement Opportunities in Grooming:

  • Pet Stylist Pro– This role is for Petco partners who have been with the company for a minimum of one year and have reached and maintained great targets. Pet Stylist Pros are offered an enhanced incentive plan with vast earning potential.
  • Grooming Salon Leader– Those who seek to not only expand their grooming skills but also become strong leaders of their own salon have the opportunity to become spectacular petco Grooming Salon Leader. This position is available to experienced internal and external candidates. Although Petco Grooming Salon Leaders still interact with pets via grooming appointments, their primary role is to grow the business, lead and develop their team. In turn, they can grow their salon team’s ability to earn incentives. This team growth mindset is rewarded with a strong incentive plan directly related to the fantastic efforts of the collective team.

Dog Training Positions available to ABC Dog Obedience Trainer Program Graduates:

  • Dog Trainer- this role is very important as it helps save the lives of pets that attend Petco Positive Dog Training class with our certified trainers. All Petco Trainers become Petco Certified AKC CGC Evaluators that utilize positive reinforcement and adhere to LIMA the Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive approach to working with animals and teach dogs how to be well mannered members of their family. All Petco trainers reduce the risk of dogs being left at shelters due to unwanted behaviors. Our Trainers earn an hourly wage plus incentive from every class sale, and full-time Trainers receive excellent benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, and Paid Time Off and have state of the art digital scheduling & online platforms to support their business.

Vet Hospital Positions available to ABC Veterinary Assistant Program Graduates:

  • Vet Hospital Vet Assistant- this role provides excellent medical care to our full-service hospital patients located inside our Petco stores. As a Veterinary Assistant, they will greet clients and patients, schedule appointments, communicate with and educate clients, relay test results to doctor and clients, maintain and update client/patient records. They will also help prepare patients and under supervision of the doctor and/or technician, perform in-hospital treatments for sick patients including giving injectable and oral medications as well as intravenous fluid therapy; keep patients clean, watered, and fed (when indicated and directed by doctor), safely walk canine patients when necessary for elimination.

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