Smellorama: Nose Games For Dogs

Smellorama: Nose Games For Dogs

SMELLORAMA by Viviane Theby explains awesome tricks you can teach your dog using their most powerful sense.

As a veterinarian specialist for canine behavior, Viviane Theby has worked with dogs her whole life. One of her latest books about dogs, Smellorama, details the inner workings of your dog’s curiously wet nose. Your dog has a far more sensitive nose than you or I, when something goes missing you are on the hunt with your eyes, your dog on the other hand is busy using their nose. This puts dogs at a serious advantage, while your eyes can’t tell you if you are getting close to finding something, your dog’s super-sonic nose sure can! In Theby’s book Smellorama, she describes the important role that your dog’s nose plays in his everyday life. Including what your dog’s nose might be telling you about their overall health and wellbeing. Plus, Theby goes on to explain that by tuning into your dog’s keen sense of smell you can teach him all sorts of amazing things. Including how to find your car keys, remote control, or cell phone with a simple cue. Theby explains how to teach your dog these things using easy to understand pictures and an assortment of fun games both you and your dog are sure to love. Theby writes so that any level of dog handler can begin to teach their dog cool tricks.

The first step to teaching your dog how to use his nose to find those pesky car keys is to make sure that they have a moist, smooth dog nose. If your dog’s nose is rough, dry, or cracking this is typically a sign that something is off. If your dog’s nose lacks moisture for more than a few hours it could mean they have a fever or feel sick in general. A dog with a moist nose is a healthy dog, able to constantly take in the surrounding air using the aid of their nose moisture. The moist mucus membrane coating your dog’s nose helps collect all of the scents so that your dog can better smell the world around them. If your dog’s nose is dry, crusty and/or flaking, they are not able to take in as many smells because they are lacking the moisture necessary to do so.


“I can smell your keys, they are behind the fridge!”

Dogs use their sense of smell to detect danger, friends, and familiar places; in fact a dog’s sense of smell is their absolute favorite sense. For this reason, the most important thing you can do as a dog owner is make sure your dog’s dry nose receives instant attention. Snout Soother, our all-natural soothing dog balm, is guaranteed to sooth your dog’s dry nose instantly.

Once your dog’s nose is moist and ready to go, there are plenty of tricks you can teach your dog using Theby’s book, Smellorama. She includes how to teach your dog to search for people, maneuver through the city, play hide and seek, plus much more. Exercises range from basic to more advanced, like teaching your dog how to decipher between different smells, follow trails, and complete complicated trail challenges. Teaching your dog these fun exercises will improve your bond and make your dog even more reliable than they already are.

smart dog

Your dog is very smart, and when your dog’s dry nose is healed by Snout Soother, they can smell out just about anything!

A dog can have a normal nose all of their life, and then suddenly develop a dry or bumpy texture on their nose. Other dogs are practically born with a dry nose, and nothing seems to work to sooth their skin. Snout Soother is proven time and time again to provide soothing relief for all dry dog ​​noses. A healthy dog ​​nose should be evenly colored, somewhat moist, and uniform in shape. If all of this appears true, you can tell that your dog has a healthy nose that is ready to be put to work using the engaging dog exercises found in Smellorama.

At Natural Dog we are constantly researching new ways to increase your dog’s natural nose potential. Which is why we are proud to offer the pawsome book Smellorama for sale on our website. This book helps you entertain your doggy while paying respects to their sensitive, and oh so important dog nose. After all our number one priority is Saving the World, One Snout at a Time!

Give your dog the soothing relief of Snout Soother, we guarantee you’ll get lots of moist kisses in return!

Start teaching your dog cool tricks from Viviane Theby’s book, Smellorama.

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