Warm Weather Dog Grooming – When the weather gets too hot

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With the warm weather approaching and super-hot days are becoming frequent, it’s important for pet parents to become aware of how dangerously hot temperatures can affect their canine friends.

Here are some tips that’ll help your furry friends stay happy and comfortable during hot days.

regular grooming – Make sure they get groomed by a professional Dog Groomer. Always listen to their advice; you might think shaving your double coated dog might cool them off. But this is absolutely not the case, over exposing their coats can cause sunburns and skin conditions.

Also, if it’s an extremely hot day our groomers might ask you to reschedule an appointment, depending on temperatures. This is done for the safety of your dog. It’s quite easy for a dog to overheat and suffer from severe heat strokes. So please listen to your Groomer, they are professionals who absolutely want nothing but the best for your best friend.

Sometimes Groomers may ask you to rearrange the booking too early in the morning or later in the day, when temperatures are cooler. This is clearly in the best interests of your dogs and if suggested by your Groomer should be adhered to!

Grooming is an absolute necessary all year long, it should be always done by a professional Groomer. During warmer weather, your dog requires a bit of extra care. Overlooking their regular grooming needs will not only make them uncomfortable but you may also be putting their health at risk.

keep em cool – Whilst at work think about freezing an ice cream container of water and placing this in their water bowl. It will take a few hours to defrost and will keep the water cooler for this time. Be sure and make sure the water bowl is located in an area that is constantly in shade. You can also cool a dog down by having a wet towel for them to lie on or getting one of those pet self-cooling gel beds.

If it’s too hot for you to go barefoot, it’s too hot for your dog: your dog’s paws can easily become burnt/ blistered from even the shortest walks on pretty hot surfaces. Walk your dog safely at night/evening with a safe/ Hi-Vis collar to keep them safe.

Never ever leave your dog in a car for any period of time by itself; just like children, dogs can become seriously ill if left unattended in a car where temperatures can rise very quickly beyond that of outside.

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