Why Take a Dog Training Class When You Could Become a Dog Trainer Yourself?

Why Take a Dog Training Class When You Could Become a Dog Trainer Yourself?

Lots of people own dogs and enroll in dog training classes with their pets. They soak up everything during each class session, love watching their dogs become more well-mannered, build a close bond with their pets, and then the course is over.

Even though many people enjoy training their own dogs and have a natural gift for it, few people actually realize what a great career (or side gig) being a dog obedience trainer can be. Plus, dog training is a career with lots of advantages.

What’s So Great About a Dog Training Career?

Oh–you mean aside from spending all your time with dogs?

Dog Trainers Enjoy Strong Job Prospects

Aside from spending so much time with dogs, trainers also enjoy a great job outlook. Think about it: 69 million US households have at least one dog, and that number grows every year. Not a single one of those sweet fur babies is born knowing how to sit, stay, or come! True, not nearly enough owners take their pets to a dog trainer, but there’s still a lot of dogs to go around.

Career Choices for Dog Trainers

Dog obedience trainers have choices when it comes to employment. They can live anywhere in the country and be assured that there will be dogs there in need of training. Whether you live in a rural area or a big city, you’ll find lots of dog owners in need of your services.

While some people are happy working for a head trainer or a company, such as PetSmart, that offers dog obedience classes, many other trainers choose the self-employment route.
When it comes to self-employment, dog training was tailor made:
● Independent trainers can earn a really good salary.
● You don’t have to have a brick and mortar establishment so overhead can be low.
● It’s easy to set your own schedule to suit yourself.
● Once you build a good reputation people will seek you out.

Dog Training Makes an Awesome Side Gig

For many of the above reasons, dog training can be a lucrative solid side hustle, especially if you work independently of a company or head trainer. You can put in as many hours as you choose, but chances are, once you’ve made a name for yourself you may find it hard to say no to potential clients and their canine’s puppy-dog eyes.

A Well-Trained Dog Is a Happier Dog

As a dog lover, don’t you wish all dogs could live happily ever after? Dog trainers transform lives and improve the world for pups one dog at a time. A well-trained dog:
• Is far less likely to have a stressful relationship with their pet parents.
● Will return on command, avoiding hazards like traffic or aggressive dogs
● Develop a strong bond with its human family
● Is more likely to enjoy long walks and off-leash privileges at the dog park
● Can be safer around unfamiliar people and animals
● Knows what you want, enjoys structure, and suffers less confusion

Dog Obedience Certification

It should come as good news that dog trainers do not require a college degree or any specified credentials. However, becoming a certified dog trainer is a good idea if you want to stand out from the crowd and start your career feeling confident in your skills.

Animal Behavior College has been educating dog trainers since 1998 and offers both a five month in-person dog training program on their Santa Clarita, California campus as well as a highly regarded online certification course. Students in both programs get lots of hands-on experience training dogs. As part of the course, students in the on-campus program work with dogs in a local animal shelter. Students in the online program complete an externship with an ABC partner trainer (a professional local mentor) giving them ample opportunity to receive hands-on training experience.

All ABC students are asked to volunteer hours in the school’s “Students Saving Lives” campaign designed to train and socialize dogs in hopes of making them more adoptable. Since the program’s beginning in 2004, ABC’s students have volunteered over 150,000 hours to this worthy project.

A Career That Changes Lives

If you love dogs and enjoy training your own dog, why stop there? Why just take a dog obedience training class when you could turn your passion into a career? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a career teaching pet owners how to work with their dogs and helping dogs lead their best lives?

Dog trainers change lives.

To learn more about how to become a dog trainer, give us a call at 800-795-3294. An admissions counselor will be happy to help get you started on the path towards a life-changing career.

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